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Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia

Does Your Philadelphia Home Have These Four Signs? Call Today for Professional Drain Cleaning Service

The hallmark sign of good plumbing is that you don’t notice it. Sure, modern residential plumbing is a miracle of the industrial revolution, but most of us go about our everyday lives without thinking too much about it. Until something goes wrong, that is. But blocked drains don’t usually happen overnight, and there are subtle signs that indicate your drains need help before they become a big problem.

We at Nelson's Plumbing & Heating have been serving Philadelphia homeowners for years, and we’ve provided this handy guide to knowing when to use commercial drain cleaner or when to call the pros for experienced drain cleaning service. If you notice any of these four signs in your bathroom or kitchen, then it’s time to call in the cavalry!

1. Your Drains Empty Slowly

This problem is commonly called ‘slow drains’. Many homeowners seem to brush it off, but if ignored, blocked drains can become a serious problem!

Slow drains are most common in the bathroom in your tub or shower. Human hair is quite tough and can easily form knots in the drain, impeding the flow of water and catching other waste. This problem is also commonly found in the kitchen from improper disposal of food waste down the drain.

Make sure you empty your tub drain regularly or cover the drain with a porous mat. Drain cleaner can be used, but may not be effective. If you notice this problem, call for drain cleaning service.

2. You Notice Foul Smells in Bathroom or Kitchen Sinks

The most unpleasant sign of clogged drains is when you notice a foul smell coming from them. This can vary from a greasy waft to a sulphurous blast that smells like rotten eggs. This comes from trapped particles—especially food waste—decomposing in the middle of the drain. When it comes to blocked drains, prevention is better than cure, but though the smell is powerful it doesn’t always mean the blockage is close enough to the sink to deal with on your own.

3. Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush Properly

This sign is one of the more worrying ones you can find in your home. If your toilet isn’t flushing properly and waste remains in the basin after you pull the plunger, call a residential plumbing company like Nelson's Plumbing & Heating immediately. Clogged drains can back up a neighborhood’s entire line without professional sewer service. Otherwise, you could be dealing with a major mess on your hands.

4. Your Lawn is Looking More Lush Than Usual

This one is sort of strange, but when there’s a problem with your sewer line, the waste leaks out and acts as a natural fertilizer. Doesn’t sound so bad, but irregular lush patches on your lawn might indicate a need for sewer service.

When it comes to clogged drains, inaction can mean a world of hurt. But being proactive doesn’t have to be expensive. Call Nelson's Plumbing & Heating for a free estimate and rid your Philadelphia home of plumbing problems today!