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Furnace Repair in Philadelphia

As a local operated full-service plumbing team serving Philadelphia and the surrounding area, we at Nelson's Plumbing & Heating know how important a fully functioning furnace is for residents in homes of all shapes and sizes in our locality. It is for this reason that if your furnace isn’t operating as well as it has in the past, then you need to give us a call right away.

Our skilled team of plumbers combine their years of skill, experience and industry-specific knowhow with the latest and most advanced repair techniques to guarantee immediate results for you and your family. On top of that, our affordable prices and express response times mean that we are perfectly placed to assist you and your family when you need us the most.

So, why take chances with inferior plumbers when the number one team in Philadelphia is here for you to use. Contact us today, we promise you won’t regret it.

Three Signs Your Furnace May Need Repair Work

Much like many of the best things in life, most homeowners in Philadelphia only give their furnace any real thought when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, by then it is often too late, and you and your family will have woken up to a freezing furnace following a cold winter’s night and a furnace that is beyond the point of repair.

To avoid this unwelcome scenario, keep a close eye on the following three signs and if any relate to your own home then contact your skilled plumbers at Nelson's Plumbing & Heating right away:

  • Age: It’s not surprising but the older your furnace is, the more susceptible it is to damage and disrepair. On average, a furnace has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. However, if you’ve had your furnace for more than 15 years, then you need to have it maintained to the manufacturers’ specifications regularly to ensure that it continues to function properly. It is also vital to keep an eye and ear out for any strange sounds or smells that may emanate from it.
  • Cold Air: Again, an obvious indication that your home’s furnace isn’t functioning fully is if it is emitting cold air. There are generally a few explanations for this but more often than not it has to do with a damaged motor in the blower fan. If the blower fan is malfunctioning, then the furnace will not have sufficient power to blow air throughout your home, leaving all inside a little frosty!
  • Strange Noises: It’s not unusual for a furnace to make noise, in fact if it isn’t making any noise then you definitely know that there’s something wrong. However, if you start hearing pops or squeaks then this may indicate that something has come loose, and your unit will need to be repaired.

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