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You may not think of it often, but plumbing is probably the most important feature of your home or commercial space. Without it, how would you access water, the most precious resource, knowing that you can use it safely for health, hygiene and general well-being? Most Philadelphia residents only realize how much they rely on plumbing when something breaks down. When it does, all hell can break loose. This is especially true for those who think they can master this complex trade on their that takes years of training to perfect on their own.



If there’s one thing that home and business owners in Philadelphia hate more than anything else, it is when their heating leaves them out in the cold when winter comes. What makes a cold home or workplace such a pain isn’t simply the fact that it’s uncomfortable, but that it could have been prevented had they called Nelson’s Plumbing & Heating.


Water Heaters

Priding itself on offering a high-quality water heater replacement and repair service for homes and businesses in the greater Philadelphia area, there is no job too big or task too small for the skilled team at Nelson's Plumbing & Heating. When you contact us, you can expect an unparalleled service from skilled, licensed and bonded plumbers. What’s more, our 24-hour emergency heater service can make sure that the hot water that your family or employees need is returned to full working order in no time at all.


Furnace Repair

As a local operated full-service plumbing team serving Philadelphia and the surrounding area, we at Nelson's Plumbing & Heating know how important a fully functioning furnace is for residents in homes of all shapes and sizes in our locality. It is for this reason that if your furnace isn’t operating as well as it has in the past, then you need to give us a call right away.